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  • Class 1

    Todo mês
    Learn how to sing
    Válido por 3 meses+ 7 dias de período gratuito
    • 2 class a week
    • 2 hours a week of online support
    • Dynamic classes
    • Interactive classes
  • Gold Class

    Todo mês
    Learn how to sing and play pianno
     7 dias de período gratuito
    • Be great at it
    • 2 weekly class
    • 1 weekly private online tutor
    • something cool
    • Something ense even cooler
  • Platinum Class

    Todo mês
    A Master class for you to learn how to be pacient
    • 3 online classes weekly
    • nice chat
    • something else
    • ad more here
    • no creativity
    • I forgot what to write
    • something cooler

This plan will auto-renew it in the end of the chosen period

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